EUI-Net objectives

The EUI-Net Thematic Network project intends to approach the transversal theme of the university role in a knowledge-driven society, namely the University - Industry cooperation.

As a policy issue, the network will contribute to the cultural, economic and technical construction of the European Union. EUI-Net will be a mean in itself to stimulate and adapt higher education for a better cooperation with industry, by systematically addressing the traditional U-I cooperation areas, such as curriculum development and professional insertion, research and development and services.

The EUI-Net has in view the two basic tasks supported by Socrates programme i.e. mapping and enhancing education and facilitating European cooperation together with the four new defined tasks i.e. defining and updating generic and specific competences; promoting synergies between teaching and research; reinforcing the link between education and society; creating links with other continents.

The project aims to create an European network of universities and industrial partners to strengthen the university - industry cooperation in the field of education, research and services in a wider European perspective, contributing to the defining and strengthening the role of University within the European Education Area.

Therefore, the main objectives of the proposed Thematic Network are: