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European Conference


European Models and Best Practice on Practical Placement of Students



The EUI-Net European Network on Co-operation between University and Industry, funded by the European Commission under the Erasmus Thematic Network scheme is organising its 3rd European Workshop during 14-16 May 2007 in Rome.

The event is devoted to " European Models and Best Practice on Practical Placement of students" and will include papers presented in plenary sessions on the following topics:


Theme I

         From theory to practice and vice versa

         Practical work experience in enterprises as a part of university curricula - benefits, expectations and cooperation models

         Objectives of the practical training in higher education

         The proportion of Practical training in the university curriculum

         Tuning methodology applied for the Practical Placement

Theme II

         Practical placement: Expectations and possible benefits from the point of view of:

o        Enterprises

         Length of training

         Personal development


o        Universities

         Contact to enterprises through students and their supervision

         First hand knowledge of needs in industry

         Feed back to the education and influence on other parts of the curriculum

         Further opportunities for cooperation at all levels

o        Students

         First practical experience

         Application of theoretical knowledge in a concrete environment

         Possible the future job

Theme III

         Organisational structures to support the realization of placements in Enterprises

         Quality Control of placements

o        Examples of possible structures for cooperation between enterprises and universities for practical placement of students

         Role of Career Development Offices

         Role of promoters

         Role of academics in the faculties

Theme IV

Trans-national mobility- further requirements

  • Commitment of the university
  • Motivation of the students
  • Insurance
  • Organisational structures to realize work experience abroad
  • Financing / funding
  • What kind of additional effort is necessary

o        For the student

o        For the enterprise

o        For the university


Round table: Practical training in higher education (Moderator: Prof Dan Grigorescu, email: dangrig@geo.edu.ro , 2...3 synthesis presentations expected)

Expected result:

o        Definition of quality criteria

o        Position of students in enterprises

o        Recommendation to universities for curriculum development



The papers will be published in the Workshop Proceedings. A selection of the most interesting contributions will be published after the event in a scholars' edited book by a prestigious publishing house.


 Time path & deadline for papers and abstracts:


 Submission deadlineMay 1st, 2007



 Submission guidelines


Papers must be original and not yet submitted concurrently to a journal or other conference. The Proceedings will be published by the EUI-Net Scientific & Organising Committee. The instructions for authors follow the usual guidelines for the submission of papers for a conference presentation and may be around six to eight pages or more and shall be submitted in an electronic format to the Organising Committee.




Rome, Hotel Rouge et Noir, http://www.hotelrougeetnoir.it/





The 3rd European Workshop will be held at the same time with the 3nd General Meeting of the EUI-Net European Network on Co-operation between University and Industry and is so free accessible for EUI-Net members.

Non - EUI-Net partners will be charged by the Organising Committee with a fee of 250 Euro, including all conference documents, refreshments during the days and the conference dinner.



We would appreciate it very much if you would forward this announcement also to your colleagues and all others who might be interested in submitting papers to this Workshop or attending this conference.