EUI-Net Work packages

The EUI-Net will approach the development of university-industry links in a systematic manner addressing all levels of cooperation in a coherent and integrated framework.

Therefore, to achieve the objectives, the EUI-Net project proposes the creation of five special interest groups (SIG), and four key actions (KA) as follows:

SIG1 (WP1): Generic and specific competences in the subjects relevant to the industrial sector (e.g. Electrical engineering, Mechatronics, Civil engineering), using the "Tuning" methodology;

SIG2 (WP2): Generic and specific competences for practical stages of students as key component of the curricula in relation with the Industrial sector;

SIG3 (WP3): Synergies between teaching and research in the frame of U-I cooperation, to facilitate integration the results of research in teaching and for a better training of the future specialists and researchers;

SIG4 (WP4): European Innovation Capacity, Research and Technological Transfer using U-I cooperation;

SIG5 (WP5): Professional insertion - key issue for the cooperation between University - Industry as main indicator for learning outcomes and competences.

KA1 (WP6): EUI-Net legal framework;

KA2 (WP7): Dissemination of best practice in University - Industry cooperation within the EUI-Net;

KA3 (WP8): Network expansion, International cooperation, links with other networks, services, fund rising;

KA4 (WP9): Project activities & administration coordination and project reporting.

The EUI-Network partnership will be clustered around these five strategic issues, showing the important segments of cooperation area. These clusters are meant also to group the ongoing cooperation projects in the respective areas in order to facilitate sharing of experience, cooperation on pieces of work, carrying out joint events, coordinating dissemination activities, etc., thus adding value to the work of the current running projects. At the same time, the clusters built along the SIG's are seen to become long-term relationships in the respective areas, accompanying the current and future projects throughout their duration.