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 Newsletter - No. 6, April 2007

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EUI-Net (European University - Industry Network) entered now a transition period towards the new name EUE-Net (European University Enterprise Network). It is not just a simple adaptation of the name but a change of focus of the entire network towards the craft and small enterprises rather than multinational corporations. Of course none is excluded, it is just a matter of the focus.

Craft and small enterprises represent some 98% of all enterprises in Europe. They employ 40-65% of the workers in the private sector of the Member States; have a share in turnover of the private sector of 25-55%. Their share in deliveries to other Member States and exports to third countries is equivalent to some 10-20%. Some 80% of their activities are offered at local or regional level. At present most of Universities prefer the cooperation with large industries because of the simple approach and low cost of the activity itself. However, this context clearly discriminates the micro-enterprises and SMEs, and the Universities owe to pay a closer attention to this sector.

Two important issues highlighted in this Newsletters illustrate this change of focus in the Network life. Firstly, for the new Erasmus deadline on 30 March at least 4 project proposals have been submitted from the EUI-Net community addressing the cooperation University - Enterprise: the new EUE-Net application for support from the European Commission in the period 2007-2010, and another 3 Multilateral projects along the priority lines of the Network.  We hope all of them will be successful and will increase our support for their success. Secondly, the 3rd EUI-Net Conference that is now fast approaching. will be already devoted to the cooperation of University and Enterprises. We kindly invite you to register for participation with presentations. At the same time all EUI-Net partners are encouraged to circulate this Newsletter as much as possible within their national an international contacts in order to increase the participation and visibility of the Conference

Doru Talaba, EUI-Net project coordinator.

European Conference on European Models for Practical Placement of students, 14-16 May 2007, Rome - Italy


The EUI-Net European Network on University Industry cooperation, funded by the European Commission under the Erasmus Thematic Network scheme organises its 3rd European Workshop during 14-16 May 2007 in the Italian capital, Rome. At the same time, the last General Assembly of the Network will take place before the completion of the current Erasmus Thematic Network project completion. The topics will includes the presentation of the future EUI-Net activities, external evaluation of the project, and outputs completion.
 Find out more at the following link: 3rd EUI-Net Conference

EUI-Net Dissemination Activities: EUROPEAN CONFERENCE ON CRAFT AND SMALL ENTERPRISES-4th edition Stuttgart, 16/17 April 2007

“Challenges and opportunities for craft and small enterprises in the European Single Market”: EUI-Net Project coordinator has been invited as a speaker to present the strategy of the Network [more].


EUI-Net Tuning exercise

The Tuning research is now approaching completion. However, several countries are not yet sufficiently represented with answered questionnaires, therefore we welcome any contribution from the partners in the respective countries in the next period before the Rome Conference.: These countries are: Norway, Denmark, Czech Republic, Sweden, Turkey, and Iceland.  
For more information:

Prof. Simona LACHE, Ph.D
Prof. Marcela LUCA, Ph.D.
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