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 Newsletter - No. 5, December 2006

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EUI-Net entered now a new stage driven by a new vision for the future, based on three axes of activities. The new LLL programme offers now the appropriate  framework to formulate new projects as follow up of EUI-Net. It is clear now that EUI-Net should continue with another Erasmus Network that will focus on the Academic cooperation witjh the world of business, in particular SMEs and micro-enterprises. Out of this however, it is likely that EUI-Net launch separate projects for each of the three axes in order to properly address each issue, with a dedicated partnership and detailed aims and objectives. The multitude of projects to be posted onto the Network website soon is the best indicator of success EUI-Net could have had !

Doru Talaba, EUI-Net project coordinator.


EUI-Net Workshop on University - Enterprise Dialogue, 28 September 2006,  Athens

 A meeting of the EUI-Net inner circle took place in Athens on 27-28 September 2006. The aim of the meeting was to analyse the status of the outputs of  SIG1...SIg5 and clearly define the content of the three axes of the future activities of the network.

Find out more at the following links:  Agenda, Presentations.
EUI-Net Workshop on SIG2 and EUI-Net vision for the Practical Placements of students, 28-30 November 2006,  Karlsruhe
A meeting of the EUI-Net SIG2 group took place in Karlsruhe on 28-30 November 2006. The aim of the meeting was to analyse the status of the SIG2 output and plan a pilot action for the EUI-Net Quality control  scheme for the Student Placements in Europe. The meeting was organized by BEST Centre in Karlsruhe University (Edmund Zirra) and Leonardo Centre Turingia (Frank March) and has been attended by participants from the Pilot countries selected i.e. Romania and Estonia.

Further information: Minutes, Photos, Presentations


  Tuning Questionnaires are still online deadline for receiving answers extended

The research team is able to announce that the questionnaires are still available to be filled in. We invite partners from the countries without responses to contribute to the research by contacting about 10 respondents from each of the following categories:

         Academics from higher education involved in the engineering education.

         Employers from all the fields: companies, government, other.

         Graduates from higher education.

The respondents are considered experts and are invited to give their opinion on some aspects of engineering education. The questionnaires could be filled in on-line, or in Word file format. In the last case, the questionnaire will be sent in attached file at the following address:
Please consider the extended deadline for sending answers at the questionnaires March 15, 2007.

EUI-Net Dissemination Activities

Participation at the 5-me  Rencontre Europe-Amerique Latine sur la cooperation et la formation technologique et professionnelle,

     Presentation: Simona LACHE, Training the Students for Working in IT Intensive Technical Engineering Applications, EUI-Net (*.pdf)

EUI-Net partner of the event

For more information:

Assoc. Prof. Simona LACHE, Ph.D
Assoc. Prof. Marcela LUCA, Ph.D.
Address: University Transilvania of Brasov
29 B-dul Eroilor
500036 Brasov, Romania
Tel./fax: +40 268 418 967+ 40 268 413921  
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