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 Newsletter - No. 7, October 2007

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EUI-Net is completed - long life to EUE-Net - the new Erasmus Network project recently accepted by the EACEA for funding in the nest 3 years period ! With a reinforced partnership, a new vision and a stronger commitment towards the challenges of great interest at European level as well as on the European Commission agenda,  EUE-Net has all chances to evolve until 2010 from a simple Erasmus Network towards THE Network !

While EUE-Net is planning its first steps, it is perhaps the time to ask an important question: How did EUI-Net performed ? An external evaluation of the project is currently ongoing to answer this question and also to facilitate the last improvements before beginning the next three years cycle within EUE-Net. Although the project outputs have been formally delivered we are sure that there are always small improvements to be made before the Final Report is sent in 15th of January 2008.

Doru Talaba, EUI-Net and EUE-Net projects coordinator.

  Tuning books are now published  

The research team is happy to announce that the 2 Tuning books (outputs of the SIG 1 and SIG 2 of the project) are now available in electronic forms on the project website. We invite all partners to give feedback on the textbooks.


EUI-Net Dissemination Activities

Participation at the XIII General Assembly 'From Prospective to Graduate Students', 20-21 September 2007, University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain  

Presentation: Simona LACHE, Doru TALABA, European University-Enterprise Network a dialog platform for enhancing employability and entrepreneurship


Participation at the Final Conference of TNP II Erasmus Network on Languages, 28 September 2007, Brussels

Keynote: Doru Talaba The languages importance in the context of University Enterprise cooperation

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500036 Brasov, Romania
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