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 Newsletter - No. 3, February 2006

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EUI-Net Conference, Tallinn 4 - 5 May 2006
Invitation and welcome address by Rector Peep Sürje
On behalf of Tallinn University of Technology I have the honour to invite you to participate at the EUI-Net International Conference in Tallinn, 4-5 May 2006.

The mission of Tallinn Technical University is to provide educational research and innovation services in the fields of engineering and entrepreneurship, which are internationally competitive and significant for Estonia’s sustained development.

The Forces of Change

Rapid changes in the environment in which we live are creating great challenges in every aspect of social, political and economic lives.

Technological convergence has traditionally been associated with new challenges, new technologies, new services and new markets.
What are the driving forces behind this process?

                      Seaside view of Tallinn, the venue of the next EUI-Net Conference on 4 -5 May, 2006
There are various ways to describe the new economy, which is emerging as a result – the digital economy, the network economy, and the information-based economy.
As is the case throughout Europe, Estonia is currently moving intensively towards the Information society. This involves the development of information technologies and related infrastructures, changes in legislation and education of the public about the needs of such changes. If European society is to see as equal partners, it must have access to objective and all-encompassing information about these processes in our countries.
You are also most welcome to participate at the Technology Fair held in Tallinn, at Tallinn Technical University Main Campus at Mustamäe, 3-4 May 2006.
We hope that EUI-Net project presentation at the fair will serve as one of the best practices and example of university –industry cooperation.
Peep Sürje, Rector of Tallinn University of Technology
EUI-Net MC Meeting, Tallinn 26 - 28 January 2006
During January 26-28, 2006 at Tallinn, a new meeting of the management committee of EUI-Net took place. The main purpose of the meeting was to organize the EUI-Net Conference and the EUI-Net General Assembly, that will take place in Tallinn, 4-5 May 2006 and 4-6 May 2006, respectively.
Find out more at the following links:  Agenda; Minutes; Action list.
EUI-Net Tuning Project - Tuning Industrial Educational Structures in Europe
In the October Newsletter we announced the starting of the EUROPEAN RESEARCH ON GENERIC AND SPECIFIC COMPETENCES IN ENGINEERING EDUCATION, managed by the Work Package 1 (WP 1). Two questionnaires (GESKE and SPECOE) were launched in order to assess the generic and specific skills and competences in engineering education.
In order to simplify the research and to ensure the unity of the samples of respondents, the research managed by WP 2 - DEFINING AND UPDATING GENERIC AND SPECIFIC COMPETENCES FOR PRACTICAL STAGES OF STUDENTS was merged with the previous one. A third questionnaire (PRASKE) has been added to the same site.
A paper version of the questionnaires is available on request.
Thus, the same respondents will be able to give their opinions on all the tuning research topics.
The research report will be structured in two books:
For WP1:
  • Part 1 - research report based on GESKE and SPECOE questionnaires.
  • Part 2 – country reports (from partner contributors) on present state of the art of engineering studies; good practice cases; suggestions for the approach of tuned curricula.
For WP 2:
  • Part 1 – research report based on PRASKE questionnaire.
  • Part 2 – models of practical placement - good practice cases; suggestions for the approach of tuned curricula for practical placements.
As stated in the July Newsletter, the project team invites all partners to participate in the research, by responding the questionnaires, and inviting relevant respondents in their geographic area to participate too.
For more information:

Assoc. Prof. Simona LACHE, Ph.D
Assoc. Prof. Marcela LUCA, Ph.D.
Address: University Transilvania of Brasov
29 B-dul Eroilor
500036 Brasov, Romania
Tel./fax: + 40 268 474761  
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