During April 17 - 19, 2005, the International Conference on Interdisciplinarity in Education - ICIE 2005 took place, being organized by the Socrates Network ESTIA-Net2 TN – “Opening up Electrical Engineering, Computer Technologies and Applied Sciences to Successful Women Careers support”, at the National Technical University of Athens. In the Section 7 (ESTIA-Net and European Partnerships of Universities - Chairperson: F. Ioannidou, TEI Athens, GR) an overview of the EUI-Net project has been presented by Prof. Elena Helerea from Transilvania University of Brasov, Romania. The paper on “Research and Didactical Projects as Creative Ways in Education. Transilvania University of Brasov Case Study” (authors: Elena Helerea, Anca Duta, Maria Popescu, Liliana Rogozea, Simona Lache, Daniela Florea, Mihai Cernat, Ion Visa, University Transilvania of Brasov, Romania) underlined the role of academic staff in promoting formal and informal education and the efficiency of teaching and learning methods, and synergetic support offer ed by Socrates European networks.