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- EUI-Net dissemination website

- EUI-Net Conference and proceeding


Teaching and research staff in European higher education institutions, university leadership, university stakeholders; professional from industrial companies, managers, policy makers; professional engineering associations, Long Life Learning units; students and learners in European universities

Current status: completed

Website achieved http://www.eui-net.org

- EUI-Net Conference developed and proceedings published

- EUI-Net CD-ROM produced and distributed. Content: the EUI-Net movie

1st EUI-Net Workshop achieved http://www.eui-net.org/Documents.htm

2nd EUI-Net Workshop achieved

3nd EUI-Net Conference achieved

For the dissemination purposes, a CD-ROM about EUI-Net has been produced that contains a promotional movie for the network. The movie presents the Network mission and vision as well as the approach for the sustainable future in Europe

EUI-Net presentation movie

Participation at the European Conference Transfertagung Mobilität Hochschule-Wirtschaft, ‘LEONARDO meets ERASMUS’, 28-30 November 2005, Bonn, Germany http://eu.daad.de/eu/leonardo/veranstaltungen/05679.html

Participation at the European Summer University ‘Learning by doing in European Academic Area’, 3-7 June 2006, Paris, France

Participation at the International Conference in Precision Mechanics and Mechatronics COMEFIM8, 8-10 June 2006, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Participation at the XII General Assembly of the Compostela Group of Universities, 'University and Society: the World of School and the World of Education', 7-8 September 2006, Poznan, Poland

Participation at the Ve Rencontre Europe-Amerique Latine sur la cooperation et la formation technologique et professionnelle, 4-11 November 2006, Martinique, France

Participation at the 4th European Conference on Craft and Small Enterprises 'Challenges and opportunities for craft and small enterprises in the
European Single Market', 16-17 April 2007, Stuttgart, Germany

Participation at the European Conference on University-enterprise cooperation 18-19 June, Bonn, Germany http://eu.daad.de/eu/llp/veranstaltungen/06949.html

Participation at the XIII General Assembly 'From Prospective to Graduate Students', 20-21 September 2007, University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain