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- New universities' database

- New industrial partners’ database

EUI-Net members and all beneficiaries of EUI-Net project

Current status: completed

The tile of this key action is "Network expansion, International cooperation, links with other networks, services, fund rising". The activities started as planned in month 18 of the project life, when a new University Enterprise dialogue has been launched. For this purpose, new strategic partners have been attracted, constituting what is currently called "The inner circle of University Enterprise Dialogue".

After a series of meetings and workshops (Brasov 5th of June 2006, Bruxelles 4th of September 2006 and Athens 28th of September 2006), this group developed a new vision for the Network which includes new action lines to be undertaken after the current project completion.

Following the three year EUI-Net project, the partnership evolved and has been refined by adding new interested partners as well as other not active partners left the network. A set of 5 new projects have been defined thoroughly as a continuation of the initial activities encompased by the project:

1. "EUE-Net - University Enterprise cooperation Network" - is a continuation project of the first project meant to create the network. The main aim of the continuation project is to deepen the Network activity in the area of cooperation with the particular sector of Small and Medium Enterprises (SME's) as well as micro enterpises. For this reason the partnership involved in the new proposal includes a

- New Universities database 

as well as a

- New Industrial partners database

2. CDO-Net - A EUI-Net generated project destined to create a European Network of Career Development Offices (CDO's). Find out more here

3. Q - Planet - A EUI-Net generated project destined to create a European Network of Quality Reference Centres for Practical Placements of Students. Find out more here

4. Enterprenaut - A EUI-Net generated project destined to experiment some innovative exchange schemes between the University sector and the world of enterpreneurs. Find out more here

5. EP-China - A EUI-Net generated project destined to create a platform for University Industry cooperation with Universities and Enterprises from China. Find out more here