Output of the SIG5






- Web Database with graduates per specializations in industrial sector and available jobs

Graduates, Students and learners in European universities managers, policy makers, professional staff from industrial companies

Database for Graduates looking forward an employement in industry

Register into the database (for graduates looking for a job)

Consult the database (for enterprises looking for graduates)

Current status: completed

Electronic questionnaires developed, web-database initiated, information collection ongoing

Further development
During the project period, numerous dedicated meetings have been organized for this SIG (Brasov 5th June, Athens September 2006, Brussels, Vienna 2006 etc). The outcome of the SIG5 has been achieved as planned. However, in the prospecting and study phase, it has been revealed that several hundreds of Career Development Offices in Europe maintain such databases with the same goal at regional level and therefore all interested parties in such database have already a database instrument to use. Therefore, the population of the EUI-Net database with records has proven unrealistic. Instead, a new project has been defined within EUI-Net network called CDO-Net with the aim to develop a large scale integration of all existing databases for job mediation in Europe 
A preliminary test of such integrated database has been carried within the network and is detailed at http://www.euedos.org/ and http://edos.daedalus.org/
an example of the databases maintained by CDO's in Europe is at http://www.ucd.ie/careers/index.html