SIG 3 Structure
Partner ID Partner Name Partner Representative E-mail
P1 "Transilvania" University of Brasov, Romania - coordinator   Sergiu Chiriacescu 
P4 EuroPACE 2000, Heverlee, Belgium   Helena Bijnens 
P6 Aalborg University, Institute of Energy Technology, Aalborg, Denmark   Frede Blaabjerg 
P10 Technological Educational Institute of Patras, Greece   Socrates Kaplanis 
P13 National Technical University of Athens, Greece   Maria Ioannides   mioannid@ece.ntua.g 
P18 University of La Rochelle, France   Michel Eboueya 
P23 Laboratory of Ideas, Fabriano, Italy   Alessandra Millevolte 
P24 MECCANO SpA, Fabriano, Italy   Letizia Urbani 
P32 International Excellence Reserve - I.E.R., Eindhoven The Netherlands   Herbert ten Thij; 
P50 MTU QUIN, Tallinn, Estonia   Anne-Marie Rannamae 
P54 Banking Institution of Higher Education, Riga, Latvia   Lasma Lancmane 
P61    Poznan University of Technology, Poznan, Poland   Marek Domanski 
SIG3 Planning
Output: By the end of this stage we will have achieved / produced   Activities leading to this output  Started completed
- Workshop "Teaching - Research   
  Synergies - European Models"
- "Guidelines and best practices in
   Europe Teaching - Research
   synergies" synthesis book
1. Planning the Workshop "Teaching - Research 
    Synergies - European Models"
 Month 6 Month 12
2. Identification of the local model of Teaching -  
    Research synergies
 Month 6 Month 15
  3. Practical arrangements for the workshop  Month 12 Month 15
  4. Running the workshop  Month 18 Month 24
  5. Analyses and synthesis elaboration  Month 24 Month 30
6. Workshop proceedings and synthesis book 
    "Guidelines and best practices in Europe Teaching
     -Research synergies"
 Month 12 Month 18
7. Internal and external evaluation and feed-back and 
    final version
 Month 30 Month 36
         SIG3 members constituted the grup called SYN-THESIS.
For the purpose of internal communication and a more focused dissemination, the group decided to have a distinct web-page maintained by the SIGcoordinator, P32 - I.E.R. (Herbert ten Thij)
 Visit also the SIG-3 web site.  SIG - 3